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’You are what you eat’ the old saying goes and it is true! You wouldn’t buy a Ferrari and fill it up with cheap petrol, but everyday people attempt to fuel their bodies eating processed junk laden with sugar and salt. Whether your aim is too improve your diet, gain energy, lose weight or better understand the role of food in your training a Tonic Fitness consultation will meet all your needs.

I am trained to analyse your diet and make recommendations to meet your specific goal. After filling in a week long food dairy detailing everything you eat and drink there will be a consultation, which will focus on your current diet, lifestyle, food likes and dislikes. This will identify an individual plan that will include sensible and realistic advice on the foods to eat and those to avoid, the correct foods for you, healthier alternatives, and how to correctly analyse food labels. I can even accompany you to a local shop to advise you on what to buy in your local store.

So call Charlie on 07712 776657 or email to arrange a free consultation and fitness test and to discuss how best embark on your fitness regime.

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