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If special precautions are adhered to there is no reason that people with medical conditions shouldn’t enjoy the many benefits of exercise.

As Britain’s population becomes more sedentary, more stressed with unhealthy diets many medical conditions such as coronary heart disease; type 2 diabetes and obesity are on the increase. We may be living longer but our last years can be spent in poor health. I have specific training in many medical conditions meaning that I can prescribe an exercise programme that is safe, effective and appropriate for your conditions and the symptoms you may suffer from. Listed below are some common medical conditions and the benefits that can be achieved through exercise.

Benefits of exercise to asthmatics
Asthma is a respiratory disease in which airways become narrowed and even blocked. Exercise can help by:
• Building muscular strength and endurance (especially important for muscles
   involved in breathing)
• Decreasing sensitivity to shortness of breath
• Reducing the occurrence of exercise induced asthma
• Reducing dependence on medication

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Benefits of weight bearing exercise to osteoporosis sufferers
Osteoporosis is the loss of bone mass that leads to thinner bones and an increased incidence of fractures. Regular weight bearing exercise can help by:
• Maintaining and helping to build muscle mass
• Helping to prevent falls through improvement in balance
• Improving balance, co-ordination and flexibility
• Strengthening the muscles, especially around the common fracture sites of wrist,
   hip and spine
• Improving posture

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Benefits of training to arthritis sufferers
Arthritis is the inflammation of a joints and inactivity can be a major contributory factor. During times of remission exercise can have beneficial effects, such as:
• Increasing joint functionality
• Increasing mobility in joints
• Developing full range of movement
• Overall strength gains
• Improvements in posture

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Benefits of training to hypertension sufferers
Hypertension is high blood pressure (greater than 140/90mmHg). In the long term regular aerobic exercise will strengthen the heart and can help to lower blood pressure.

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Benefits of training to prevent Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
CHD is the leading cause of death in the industrialised world. CHD is not an unavoidable symptom of old age you can reduce your chances of developing it by exercising regularly and modifying your diet. Like any muscle the heart will benefit and become stronger through regular exercise.

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Benefits of training to type 2 diabetes sufferers
Diabetes sufferers are unable to produce or properly use the hormone insulin. Insulin acts to lower the body’s blood glucose level and convert carbohydrate to energy. There are two types:
• Type 1 – the body doesn’t produce any or enough insulin
• Type 2 – the insulin produced is not working properly as the body become insulin resistance. Type 2 diabetes is increasing in Britain mainly due to obesity. Some women can develop this during pregnancy (gestational diabetes) but return too normal afterwards.

The long-term effects of diabetes can include:
• CHD and circulatory damage
• Nerve damage
• Kidney damage
• Eye damage
• Foot complications
• Skin complications

Developing type 2 diabetes is something you actively want to avoid, exercise can help prevent type 2 diabetes and can help manage the condition in those who already have it by:
• Aiding glucose control by decreasing insulin resistance
• Reducing amount of medication required
• Decreasing body fat leads to less insulin resistance
• Decreasing the risk of cardiovascular disease
• Reducing stress
• Preventing of type 2 diabetes
• Diet management can also help prevent and manage diabetes

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Benefits of training for the obese
Obesity is an excess of body fat and is steadily on the increase in the developed world due to high sugar diets and low levels of activity. Worryingly, childhood obesity is also growing. The physical effects of obesity include: strokes, CHD, diabetes, joint damage, osteoarthritis, cancer, hormonal abnormalities, gall bladder and respiratory diseases.

Tackling obesity obviously requires dietary intervention; exercise can help increase weight loss by burning additional calories and also raising the individual’s metabolic rate. Click here to go to the weight loss page for further details of how Tonic Fitness can help.

I have completed nutritional analysis and weight management modules as part of a Personal Training Diploma. I am an associate member of the Nutritional Advisor’s Register.

So call me on 07712 776657 or email to arrange a free consultation and fitness test and to discuss how to best embark on your weight loss regime combining diet and exercise for long term results.

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